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Name: Dominik Schmidt
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  1. Scan and automatically OCR receipts, bills, letters, etc. without turning on your computer — November 1, 2015
  2. Sending Emails with Attachement for New S3 Objects — August 2, 2015
  3. Kickables: Tangibles for Feet — February 11, 2014
  4. Installing SciKits’ Bootstrap using Python 3.3 — July 24, 2013
  5. Simple Moving Average Filter in Python — July 19, 2013

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Scan and automatically OCR receipts, bills, letters, etc. without turning on your computer

I was looking for a solution to digitally archive incoming (paper) bills, receipts, letters, etc. to make them easily searchable (OCR). Ideally, this solutions would be as simply as putting a document on your scanner and pressing a button—done: the digitized document would be stored on a network drive. I really don’t like having to …

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Sending Emails with Attachement for New S3 Objects

Use Case and Solution Notify users about a new object (e.g., an image or log file) being added to an S3 bucket by sending an email that contains the new object as attachement. The solution presented here uses AWS Lambda (with S3 as event source), mailcomposer (a Node.JS module) to compose, and finally Amazon’s Simple …

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Kickables: Tangibles for Feet

Great Affordance for Large Interactive Spaces Kickables are tangibles that users manipulate with their feet. While they maintain the affordance of traditional tangibles, kickables scale to arbitrarily large spaces as kickables reside on the ground. This affordance makes kickables well-suited for large-scale walk-up installations, such as tradeshows or museum exhibits, as illustrated by our prototype installation …

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Installing SciKits’ Bootstrap using Python 3.3

Installing scikits.bootstrap (version 0.3.1) using easy install (Python 3.3 on Windows 7) ran through, despite reporting a syntax error (referring to line “except TypeError, e”). However, importing failed (“ImportError: No module named ‘bootstrap’”). The following few things have to be fixed for bootstrap to run under Python 3.3: scikits\bootstrap\__init.py__ line 1: from .bootstrap import * …

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Simple Moving Average Filter in Python

Just a simple moving average filter implementation as Python class, nothing more. class MovingAverageFilter: """Simple moving average filter"""   @property def avg(self): """Returns current moving average value""" return self.__avg   def __init__(self, n = 8, initial_value = 0): """Inits filter with window size n and initial value""" self.__n = n self.__buffer = [initial_value/n]*n self.__avg = …

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Personal Clipboards

Personal Clipboards for Individual Copy-and-Paste on Shared Multi-User Surfaces The copy-and-paste functionalities provided by clipboards are omnipresent on today’s computing devices from desktops to tablets to mobile phones. Despite this success, clipboards did not make their way to multi-user surfaces until now, because most surface computing devices cannot distinguish input from different users. To them, …

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A New Approach to Tracking People and Objects Based on a Pressure-Sensing Floor GravitySpace is a new approach to tracking people and objects indoors. Unlike traditional solutions based on cameras, GravitySpace reconstructs scene data from a pressure-sensing floor. While the floor is limited to sensing objects in direct contact with the ground, GravitySpace reconstructs contents above …

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Handheld projector, projected interface consisting of on and off buttons, and target devices (lamps)

In everyday environments, we are increasingly surrounded by a growing number of electric devices. At the same time, many of these devices are shrinking in physical size. Both developments come along with their own challenges when it comes to controlling these devices. On the one hand, a plethora of devices imply that not all of …

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Email Archiving Solution

I was looking for a way to archive emails from various accounts, which are currently stored in different places. Some of them are still accessible via IMAP, some are stored in local mail clients (on different machines), and others are saved as mailbox files on some (external) hard drive. Ideally, I could keep all my emails …

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Filtering Microsoft Surface Finger Touches for ScatterViewItems

By default, Microsoft Surface responds to any touch, including non-finger touches for example caused by a hovering hand or a sleeve touching the table. While they can be ignored using the GetIsFingerRecognized() method and setting the Handled flag of TouchEventArgs in preview touch handlers, the ScatterView seems to be somewhat special. Although you cannot move it ScatterViewItems …

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