.NET/C# TUIO Server

There only seems to be a C++ implementation of the TUIO server, not a C# version yet. I quickly looked into writing a C# wrapper, but it seemed to be rather complicated. Using Bespoke’s Open Sound Control (OSC) library, I started implementing my own C# TUIO server. It is still quite limited (only support external TUIO cursors so far), but could easily be extended.

TuioServer _server = new TuioServer();
_server.AddTuioCursor(0, new PointF(0, 0));
_server.UpdateTuioCursor(0, new PointF(10, 0));

The included Tuio.Test project gives an example on how to use the library.

[important]TUIO server extension for Samsung SUR40 based on this project. Further extension, which also supports objects. [/important]


10 thoughts on “.NET/C# TUIO Server

  1. Does this work with Multi Touch Vista? I used it but MTV was not detecting it. any help wud be greatly appreciated

  2. Hi, this is only a library for sending TUIO messages, it doesn’t do any touch detection or the like on its own.Once you integrated it into a project it should work together with Multi Touch Vista. Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks for the server implementation. Are you planning on extending it or not yet?

  4. Hi, this project looks really interesting.
    I am a fresh PhD student about to embark on a project on tangible user interfaces. We are thinking of using a SUR40 that we have access to. Your project and the two extensions could be of interest for us, however to me there seems to be a licensing conflict; your project does not contain any license information, Michael Zoellner’s contribution is GPL and “eilsoe” has not released any sources at all nor any license information. This uncertainty makes it difficult to build further on your project and the extensions.

  5. Hi Christian, thanks for your interest in this project! I now made it available under the GPL and added the necessary license information. Hope this helps, Dominik

  6. is it possible to send messages with your TUIO server from C# to a processing application?

  7. Hi Dominik,

    I trying to make a Marker Base Apllication for MultiTaction using C#.
    And MultiTaction uses the TUIO protocol to send and recive the message.

    So do you have any sample code for the same which is reading the marker on MultiTaction using C# and TUIO protocol.

    Plese help.

    Thanks in Advance.

  8. Hi Dhaval,

    If I understand you correctly, you are looking for a C# TUIO _client_ that reads markers sent by a MultiTaction device.

    I only wrote this _server_ (which has been extended by others, see external links above). There are standard C# TUIO clients here http://www.tuio.org/?software. If MultiTaction uses standard TUIO markers you can probably use them.

    Hope this helps.


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