Installing SciKits’ Bootstrap using Python 3.3

Installing scikits.bootstrap (version 0.3.1) using easy install (Python 3.3 on Windows 7) ran through, despite reporting a syntax error (referring to line “except TypeError, e”). However, importing failed (“ImportError: No module named ‘bootstrap'”).

The following few things have to be fixed for bootstrap to run under Python 3.3:

  • scikits\bootstrap\__init.py__
    line 1: from .bootstrap import *
    (add dot before bootstrap)
  • scikits\bootstrap\
    line 130: except TypeError as e:
    line  310: […] for a in range(0,n_samples) )
    (use range instead of xrange)

2 thoughts on “Installing SciKits’ Bootstrap using Python 3.3

  1. Thank you so much for the tip. For me at least I also had to change line 130 of to be this

    except TypeError as e:

    instead of

    except TypeError, e:

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