Building useful and delightful products at the intersection of product, engineering, and UX. Director of Product & Engineering at Plantura. Based in Munich, Germany.

Previously: Director of product at CLIQZ, re-designing the Internet. Post-doctoral researcher at HPI’s Human Computer Interaction Lab, working on natural user interfaces. Research associate at Lancaster University.


  • 30.03.22 | Launched 365 & me for Android
  • 01.12.20 | Joined Plantura as Head of Digital Product
  • 08.11.20 | Launched 365 & me—an iOS journaling app that asks one question a day
  • 12.12.19 | Techblog: Implementing search-as-you-type in the browser using RxJS
  • 11.04.19 | Lumen Browser launch
  • 28.10.18 | Startup Safari Talk “You Are Not the User”
  • 15.06.18 | Techfest Workshop “User-Centered Design & Usability Evaluation”
  • 27.06.17 | Techblog: A new Face for Cliqz Quick Search
  • 01.11.15 | How to automatically OCR scanned documents on your NAS
  • 02.08.15 | How to send Emails with attachement for new S3 objects
  • 01.02.15 | Joined CLIQZ as UX researcher
  • 16.01.15 | Our papers Ergonomic Interaction on Touch Floors and Level-Ups: Motorized Stilts that Simulate Stair Steps in Virtual Reality were accepted for publication at CHI 2015
  • 14.11.14 | Serving as video chair for MUM 2015
  • 10.12.13 | Our paper “Kickables: Tangibles for Feet” was accepted for publication at CHI 2014
  • 02.10.13 | Presenting my research at Max Planck Institute for Computer Science collaboration retreat
  • 06.09.13 | Presenting GravitySpace at this happened in Hamburg
  • 24.02.13 | GravitySpace received a CHI Best Paper Honorable Mention Award
  • 19.12.12 | Our papers “GravitySpace: Tracking Users and Their Poses in a Smart Room Using a Pressure-Sensing Floor” (YouTube) and “Personal Clipboards for Individual Copy-and-Paste on Shared Multi-User Surfaces” (PDF | YouTube) were accepted for publication at CHI 2013
  • 09.10.12 | PICOntrol was nominated for the best paper award
  • 01.10.12 | Joined the HPI Research School
  • 29.09.12 | Our paper “MobiSurf: Improving Co-located Collaboration through Integrating Mobile Devices and Interactive Surfaces” was accepted at ITS 2012
  • 13.07.12 | Our paper “PICOntrol: Using a Handheld Projector for Direct Control of Physical Devices through Visible Light” was accepted at UIST 2012 (more)
  • 02.07.12 | Joined Patrick Baudisch’s group at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI) in Potsdam, Germany
  • 14.06.12] | Presented our DIS paper on PhoneTouch interactions (PDF | Video) in Newcastle, UK
  • 18.05.12 | Serving as technical program chair assistant for CHI 2013
  • 30.05.11 | In Beijing with Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) over the summer
  • 14.12.10 | Received the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Studies

Previous Research Projects

  • Kickables–tangibles for feet–scale to arbitrarily large spaces, while maintaining the affordance of traditional tangibles
  • GravitySpace is a new approach to tracking people and objects based on high-resolution, pressure-sensing floor.
  • PICOntrol uses an off-the-shelf handheld projector to remote control physical devices through visible light.
  • Personal Clipboards enable individual copy-and-paste on interactive surfaces.
  • PhoneTouch is a novel technique for integration of mobile phones and interactive surfaces. The technique enables use of phones to select targets on the surface by direct touch.
  • HandsDown enables user identification based on biometric hand contour analysis.
  • IdWristbands use infra-red LED to associate touches to users on multi-touch surfaces


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