Director of product at CLIQZ, based in Munich, Germany, re-designing the Internet.

Previously: post-doctoral researcher at HPI’s Human Computer Interaction Lab in Potsdam, Germany, working on natural user interfaces across physical space, and research associate at Lancaster University, UK, as member of the Embedded Interactive Systems (EIS) group.



  • 12.12.19 | Techblog: Implementing search-as-you-type in the browser using RxJS
  • 11.04.19 | Lumen Browser launch
  • 28.10.18 | Startup Safari Talk “You Are Not the User”
  • 15.06.18 | Techfest Workshop “User-Centered Design & Usability Evaluation”
  • 27.06.17 | Techblog: A new Face for Cliqz Quick Search
  • 01.11.15 | How to automatically OCR scanned documents on your NAS
  • 02.08.15 | How to send Emails with attachement for new S3 objects
  • 01.02.15 | Joined CLIQZ as UX researcher
  • 16.01.15 | Our papers Ergonomic Interaction on Touch Floors and Level-Ups: Motorized Stilts that Simulate Stair Steps in Virtual Reality were accepted for publication at CHI 2015
  • 14.11.14 | Serving as video chair for MUM 2015
  • 10.12.13 | Our paper “Kickables: Tangibles for Feet” was accepted for publication at CHI 2014
  • 02.10.13 | Presenting my research at Max Planck Institute for Computer Science collaboration retreat
  • 06.09.13 | Presenting GravitySpace at this happened in Hamburg
  • 24.02.13 | GravitySpace received a CHI Best Paper Honorable Mention Award
  • 19.12.12 | Our papers “GravitySpace: Tracking Users and Their Poses in a Smart Room Using a Pressure-Sensing Floor” (YouTube) and “Personal Clipboards for Individual Copy-and-Paste on Shared Multi-User Surfaces” (PDF | YouTube) were accepted for publication at CHI 2013
  • 09.10.12 | PICOntrol was nominated for the best paper award
  • 01.10.12 | Joined the HPI Research School
  • 29.09.12 | Our paper “MobiSurf: Improving Co-located Collaboration through Integrating Mobile Devices and Interactive Surfaces” was accepted at ITS 2012
  • 13.07.12 | Our paper “PICOntrol: Using a Handheld Projector for Direct Control of Physical Devices through Visible Light” was accepted at UIST 2012 (more)
  • 02.07.12 | Joined Patrick Baudisch’s group at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI) in Potsdam, Germany
  • 14.06.12] | Presented our DIS paper on PhoneTouch interactions (PDF | Video) in Newcastle, UK
  • 18.05.12 | Serving as technical program chair assistant for CHI 2013
  • 30.05.11 | In Beijing with Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) over the summer
  • 14.12.10 | Received the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Studies

Previous Research Projects

  • Kickables–tangibles for feet–scale to arbitrarily large spaces, while maintaining the affordance of traditional tangibles
  • GravitySpace is a new approach to tracking people and objects based on high-resolution, pressure-sensing floor.
  • PICOntrol uses an off-the-shelf handheld projector to remote control physical devices through visible light.
  • Personal Clipboards enable individual copy-and-paste on interactive surfaces.
  • PhoneTouch is a novel technique for integration of mobile phones and interactive surfaces. The technique enables use of phones to select targets on the surface by direct touch.
  • HandsDown enables user identification based on biometric hand contour analysis.
  • IdWristbands use infra-red LED to associate touches to users on multi-touch surfaces


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