Multi-touch Table

Interiors of tableMulti-touch table in action

This multi-touch table I built as a research platform is based on a diffused illumination approach:

  • 91x57cm surface (107cm diagonal, 16:10 aspect ratio)
  • Toshiba TDP‐EW25 projector (1280x800px)
  • Point Grey Firefly MV camera (640x480px, 60fps) with wide-angle lense
  • Infrared illumination (850nm)
  • Bosch Rexroth aluminium frame

UPDATE I: I am now using a diffused surface illumination (DSI) setup. The table’s basic design did not change. Only the actual surface was replaced by an EndLighten acrylic sheet with a rear-projection acrylic sheet on top. An IR LED ribbon around the EndLighten sheet is now responsible for illumination, resulting in a more uniform light distribution and easier setup.

UPDATE II: Instead of the rear-projection acrylic sheet, I created a compliant surface, i.e. using a combined DSI/FTIR approach.

UPDATE III: I build a portable FTIR table for travelling.

A detailed description of this setup including further pictures, engineering drawings, and parts lists is available as technical report. The guys at AmiLab (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) built their table (additional pictures) using these plans as guide; also check out their Flash Library for Interpreting Natural Gestures.

Rendering of table details
Rendering of table details

Videos of Setup

Related Publications

  • Schmidt, D.
    Design and realization of an interactive multi-touch table
    Technical Report, 2009, Lancaster University (unpublished)

4 thoughts on “Multi-touch Table

  1. dear sir

    if you could send me CCV & Multitouch vista software which have been used in your multitouch project so i will be very thankful to you. The software which i have download from CCV site is not working.
    Please reply me as soon as posible.

    best regards

  2. Dear Sir,

    How much did you spend for supporting structure itself without equipment?



  3. Hi Jim,

    I don’t have the exact number, but I think it was around £500.


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